Today’s new homes as well as most recent major remodeling projects are built much more air tight than in days past. By building homes more air tight, overall heating and cooling losses can be cut drastically, especially in more extreme winter and summer climates like here in Minnesota. And with less heating and cooling losses come lower energy bills for your home. But while these advances have helped to create homes that are more comfortable, a tightly constructed home can be at increased risk for the build-up of indoor air pollutants.

Research has shown that the average person spends nearly 90% of their lives indoors. When we hear the term “air pollution”, most of us think of smog hovering over big cities like LA that we might see on television newscasts. But in fact, the amount of pollutants found indoors is actually greater than outdoors. When you stop to think about the generally confined spaces of our offices, school rooms and homes, it is easy to see how indoor air quality can have an impact on our health.

Indoor air pollutants can include excess moisture, carbon dioxide, cigarette smoke, pet dander and compounds found in building materials, paints, furniture and even cleaning products. Poor indoor air quality can be a threat to everyone in the family, but especially to young children and older adults who might be more at risk to chronic respiratory conditions.

Many common allergies,asthma and hay fever symptoms can be better controlled by removing dust, pollens, molds and other indoor air pollutants by circulating the air entering and leaving your home.

Another important way to achieve healthy indoor air quality is by controlling the humidity in your home. In drier periods, especially in the cold winter months here in Minnesota, you might feel static electricity build on your clothes, hair and even surfaces. That little spark that you might experience when you turn on a light switch could be a sign that your home is simply too dry.

If this is the case, Dean’s Heating and Air Conditioning can provide a humidifier system that can meet your year round moisture control needs. Today’s modern systems can be set to most effectively control household moisture during both warmer and colder months.

Here at Dean’s Heating and Air Conditioning, we offer the latest in air exchanger technology. A properly installed air exchanger system expels the stale, polluted air inside your home and replaces it with fresh air several times a day. Today’s modern air exchangers also used advanced filtering technology to filter the air before circulating it through your home. The system can be set to operate most efficiently for your home and when attached to your forced air furnace or central air system, you will not even notice it running throughout the day.