In-Floor Heat

For many Minnesotans, the concept of in-floor, or radiant heating might seem like something new. In fact, the concept of radiant heating isn’t new at all… it’s over 2000 years old. The Romans actually perfected the concept for use in their public baths. But today, the technology of modern in-floor heating is providing cost-effective comfort to families all over the country. | In-Floor Heat |In-Floor HeatIn-Floor Heat

We all know that heat rises, so it makes sense that heating the floors we walk on be one of the most efficient method of heating. In a radiant, or in-floor heating system, all of the objects in the room actually absorb heat energy, helping to add to the overall warmth of the room. Of course you will feel the warmth on your feet as you travel through your entire home. With traditional forced air furnaces using traditional ductwork, the warm air blows out and gathers up at the ceiling. The overall efficiency of such a system is much less than a radiant flooring system. And because an in-floor heating system allows you to feel comfortable at a lower thermostat setting, it is easy to see how your monthly fuel bills can be lowered.

In-Floor HeatIn-Floor HeatIn-Floor Heat

Dean’s Heating and Air Conditioning can answer any questions you have about in-floor heating, from installing it throughout your home to perhaps in an unfinished lower level or as a part of a master bathroom remodel project.

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