Let’s face it. We live in Minnesota and some years the winters we are forced to endure are just brutally cold. But even a regular Minnesota winter can have us feeling below zero temperatures for days. An efficient heating system is key to ensuring that you and your family stay comfortably warm through the long cold winters.

Dean’s Heating and Air Conditioning offers today’s most efficient forced air furnaces from the industry’s leading names, including Carrier and Mitsubishi Electric. We offer complete installation services as well as maintenance of your furnace.

If you now own a furnace that is 20 years old or older, its efficiency rating is could be as low as 60%, meaning that 40% of the money you spend to heat your home is being wasted. Today’s modern forced air furnaces are most often rated with AFUE ( Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency ) ratings as high as 96%. As you can see, a new furnace with a high AFUE rating will result in more efficient heating and lower heating bills.

  • Outstanding energy efficiency
  • Extremely quiet operation
  • Efficient air filtration
  • Programmable thermostats